Energy and Power Plant

Save the plant and provide energy smartly by optimised fluid control solutions.

Solution for energy and power plant

Our footprint can be found in all energy sectors including power plants and steam driven installations in even extreme conditions of high temperature and high-pressure processes.

With such an increasing demand in moving towards more efficient, sustainable, and renewable electricity generations, more and more attention is on choosing equipment to guarantee plants uptime and efficiencies.

Helinor is taking responsibility by choosing quality products and solutions through an established relationship with best makers in the world to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Herein, we can offer suitable solutions from Vogt Power for water and steam control systems and hot process (gas and liquid) in all types of power plants, chemical plants, and pulp & paper mills. Vogt products has well-proven design which has been used for more than a century in many industrial applications.  This is through In-house engineering, machining, assembly, welding and testing for complete traceability and process control.

Products we can offer:

  • Forged Steel Valves-GGCs(gate, globe and check)
  • Pressure seal valves- Forged(gate, globe and check)
  • Through Conduit Slab and Expanding gate valves
  • Through Conduit Slab and Expanding gate valves
  • Non-slam, axial, and dual plate check valves
  • Floating and trunnion ball valves
  • Triple offset butterfly valves
  • Control valves
  • Desuperheaters with probe and wall-mounted configurations

Below illustrates a complete product range in a de-superheating system for instance which includes:

  • Stop and Check Valves (Steam and Water lines)
  • Control Valves (Steam and Water lines)
  • Desuperheater and injection chamber (downstream steam PCV)
  • Electronic and pneumatic accessories to complete the control loop

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