LNG and Cryogenics

Harness the cold while reducing the carbon footprint by reliable control solutions.

Solution for LNG and Cryogenic Applications

Increasing global energy demand and environmental regulations towards reducing green-houses gases have made natural gas more and more attractive to use in many industries. Natural gas has lower emissions compared to other fossil fuels while its heating value is economical enough to feed highly energy-intensive applications. This is why it has been considered as one of the most important sources of energy for transitions period towards a cleaner world.

Considering total cost and ease of transportation and storage, natural gas has to be liquified by cooling down to -163C. This will dramatically reduce its volume to 1/600 of the volume of natural gas in gaseous form in atmospheric pressure. This means that there will be a lot of process equipment that meet cryogenic temperature (i.e. below -55C) including numerous valves and PSVs.

Helinor can offer a wide range of cryogenic On-Off/Control valves and pressure relief valves from OMB and other best manufacturers in the world. Thanks to our great partnership with suppliers, we ensure our client for supplying highly reliable and long-life products guaranteeing plant uptime and efficiency. We can both supply to land-based LNG terminals or FSRUs and LNG cargo carriers in marine respecting all customers’ specifications and requirements.

Products we can offer are cryogenic valves in all configurations incl. top entry design for in-line maintenance and different sizes& pressure classes:

  • Cryogenic gate, globe and check valves
  • Cryogenic globe valves C130 Model
  • Cryogenic floating and trunnion double seated ball valves
  • Cryogenic double eccentric ball valves
  • Cryogenic triple offset- metal seated butterfly valves
  • Cryogenic dual plate check valves
  • Cryogenic safety relief valves (conventional, balanced and pilot operated PSVs)
OMB Triple Offset Butterfly valves under cryogenic test

Cryogenic service is a very severe application that demands valves with superior performances. This can be done by testing and inspection of every single components during production guaranteeing integrity and reliability of the final products. Careful material selection, in house machining, assembly and ambient and cryogenic testing are key factors which make our suppliers have full control of the process.

LNG is not the coldest we can go. Thanks to great R&D team (Buti Research) at our partner’s premises, OMB Valves, we can also design and manufacture products for temperature as cold as -265C for liquid Hydrogen. Not to forget that our valves have been successfully offered to all other cryogenic applications for liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Oxygen etc.

Should you have any question/inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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