Oil and Gas

Maximise the efficiency and minimise the risks by correct fluid control technology

Oil and Gas Industry (Offshore and Onshore)

For over 35 years, we have been actively playing essential role in several major oil and gas projects globally, especially for offshore platforms and FPSOs. Hence, we have achieved an extensive know-how and understanding over the years following stringent requirements and specifications.

Thanks to our experienced partner, OMB Valves, we can serve our clients with complete range of valves to meet all specific requirements. Approved by major oil and gas companies like BP, Exxon Mobil, Saudi Aramco, Shell and Equinor, OMB valves has gained an outstanding installation record in plants in North Sea, Americas, Middle East and south-east Asia, Africa and the rest of the world. This enables us to be a strong and reliable supplier to our esteemed customers.

We are proud to offer OMBAPI6D and API6A valves in different sizes and pressure classes up to#15000 and any exotic materials. Alloy625, Alloy825, Titanium, Super AusteniticF44, 904L, 926, Duplex and Super Duplex alloys and Alu-Br. OMB has a sizable inventory of raw materials and parts and can quickly manufacture any type of valves from forged bars and blocks on request.

In addition to OMB products, Helinor can also offer valves from our Dutch partner, Control Seal, which are also well known and appreciated by the world’s leading EPCs and oil and gas companies for its high performance in extreme conditions.

Having proximity to Norwegian continental shelfs and delivering several projects in the region, we surely specialize in Norsok and TR2000 driven inquiries.

To withstand toughest process, operating and environmental conditions, Oil and Gas industry, specifically offshore, always require extensive documentation such as procedures and certifications from material approval (Incl. additional testing) to testing of the valves and painting them. Our long experience would comfort our clients that all specs are well comprehended and procedures/technical documents/certifications to be issued within project timeframe as a proof to our quality deliverables.

No matter what specifications to follow, we can adapt to customers’ needs while offering the best products from reputable brands in the world.

Products we offer for this industry:

  • Floating and trunnion ball valves
  • Gate, globe and check valves(GGCs)
  • Double block and bleed valves(DBBs)
  • Dual plate check valves (DPCV)
  • Thru-conduit gate valves (TCGV)
  • Triple offset butterfly valves(TOBV)
  • Rising stem ball valves
  • Dual expanding double block and bleed plug valves
  • Safety Valves, spring and pilot operated

Please refer to our product page for better insight about the products and don’t hesitate to contact us for further info.

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