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Helinor believes in quality, not quantity. Our knowledge about market and customer requirements for high end-high quality products have driven us to always select reputable brands to work with.


Helinor is a joint-venture company with OMB Valves group. OMB Valves is a family-owned Italian company operating since 1973 with a great product portfolio and production capabilities that has substantial approval records in several industries more specifically in Oil & Gas, Marine and LNG/Cryogenics applications. Managing operation in 8 plants scattered through the map, from Far East in Singapore and then Saudi Arabia in Mid-East to Europe (Italy)and North America has made OMB brand globally recognized for major EPC contractors and end users in various industries. Helinor offers a great product range of OMB brands for different markets especially Marine and Cryogenics. Helinor-OMB join-venture set-up guarantees maximum support during bidding, project execution and production for considerable scope of supplies in both commercial and technical aspects.

Vogt Valves Inc.

Vogt is an old reputable brand been in operation since 19thCentury. OMB acquisition of Vogt Valves from Flowserve in 2017, has expanded production size and local presence of both brands in North America considerably. Vogt with two manufacturing facilities in Stafford, Texas, USA and in Milan, Italy is specialized in production of forged steel valves, smallAPI6A/API6D gate, globe, check valves (GGCs), pressure seal products, cryogenic globes and desuperheaters. Vogt is Helinor’ partners for small-scale deliveries, GGCs,C130 type cryogenic globe valves and products for Power applications.

Control Seal B.V.

Helinor has an exclusive agency of Control Seal B.V. for sales of their products in Norwegian On-shore/Off-shore Oil and Gas installations. Control Seal is a Dutch well-positioned brand known by major Oil and Gas companies with more than 30 years of experience in valve manufacturing, although the brand name dates back to 1980s. Helinor offer Non-Contact Rising Stem Ball valves and Dual Expanding Double Block and Bleed Plug valves complying with all stringent requirements and specifications of TR2000 and NOSOK requirements.

Flow Safe Inc

Flow Safe Inc s a manufacturer of high quality and high-performance pressure relief valves specifically designed for applications in Marine, Natural Gas Distribution, Aerospace, Industrial Gasses and other liquid and gas process applications. The company has its main manufacturing facility in New York, USA and is part of the Dresser Utility Solutions, formerly Dresser NGS. Helinor Marine has been appointed to develop the Norwegian market.

Termovent SC

Termovent SC is a leader in production of industrial gate, globe, check and plug valves for process and thermo energetics situated in Temerin, Serbia. The company is privately owned for over 50 years and has its own foundry, Termovent SC Steel Foundry, for cast API600 valves. Ongoing investments into latest machines and technology makes Termovent our ideal partner in renewables, biogas, biodiesel segments. The two companies, the valve plant and the valve foundry, employ over 360 people led by 2nd generation owner, Mr Aleksandar Crnogorac.  Helinor Marine has been appointed to develop the Scandinavian markets.

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