We own the entire pipeline; from initial contact trough project execution and final documentation to aftersale services.

Helinor is a key supplier of valves and accessories to meet critical specifications in various industries. With years of successful experience in delivering high quality-high end valves and flow control solutions

Major activities we focus on

All these activities are managed by Helinor in an agile way creating a high quality project execution to our valuable customers.

Thanks to advanced project management methods by our team of experts, Helinor creates a ground for a sustainable business practice. People and Environment are our main pillars of sustainability.


Our passion for business and commitment has made HELINOR Valves a customer centric company. Due to nature of fast track and complex project executions, finding correct flow control solution(s) might be challenging. HELINOR will provide customers a convenient experience by offering complete valves solutions packages for different applications.

One-stop partner

Various applications , materials , classifications and standards, delivering locations etc. all are what we in HELINOR have full control over , mitigating the project risks and lowering the interface challenges for our customers. HELINOR will act as an one-stop reliable partner , helping customers in different phases of project execution.

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We are group of process and mechanical experts with years of experience in flow control and process applications. Thanks to our process and mechanical backgrounds, we are fully capable of technical evaluations and simulation of various applications. Fluid mechanics , process requirements , material compatibility, corrosion and metallurgical aspects etc. are parts of our knowledge which make us different in performing business .

With several successful several marine and offshore demanding project experience, HELINOR is now a professional partner for various applications as below:
– LNG/Hydrogen and Cryogenics
– LPG and Multi-Gas Carriers
– FPSOs and Production Offshore Platforms
– FSOs
– Inert Gas Generator Systems
– Fuel Gas Supply Systems (FGSS)


Sustainability is not only a plan in Helinor, it's the way we daily perform our business. We save energy and material through correct management practises along with sincere commitment to our planet, society and all stakeholders in the business.

Our Products

Our products are well-known for their high quality, reliability and durability. Thanks to their characteristics , our products are now applied in several iconic and essential installations onshore, offshore and marine.

Our Values

Our commitment has made helinor a customer centric company with availability around the clocks at any critical time. We comfort our clients by our agility, transparancy, and competency. We considerably save them time, effort and cost trhought the whole product/project lifecycle.

Our Applications

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Providing Innovative and Sustainable solutions for your industry

Any query for LNG/Hydrogen and cryogenics, marine fuel or cargo gases, onshore / offshore Oil & Gas applications, chemical or petrochemical processes. Just get in touch with our experts.

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